Introduce EDSFF based storage systems and RAID technology (Feat. GRAID: NVMe/NVMe-oF PCIe RAID Card)


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Track : 102
Time: 16:40 ~ 17:10

Session detail

EDSFF SSDs have been widely adopted in hyper-scale data centers due to superior manageability, serviceability, and power/thermal characteristics.

First, we will present two server architectures highly optimized for E1 and E3 NVMe form factors and the advantages of NVMe server based EDSFF. And we also talk about the RAID technology, data loss protection for storage system.

Due to traditional SW/HW RAID technologies were designed only for the SATA or SAS hard disks, there are limitations and challenges with the RAID technologies for the NVMe SSDs based storage system.

So we discuss on the performance of the NVMe RAID solution, GRAID NVMe RAID Card, compared with traditional software RAID and also discuss about NVMe-oF performance.