4 Opens and the Open Infra Way

Kendall Nelson

Speaker's bio

Kendall is a Senior Upstream Developer Advocate at the Open Infrastructure Foundation based in St. Paul, MN. She first started working on OpenStack during the Liberty release (2015) on a single service, but has since been involved in Release Management, the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, the First Contact SIG, various technical leadership roles and also onboarding activities like OpenStack Upstream Institute.

One of her primary objectives is to connect open source communities like OpenStack and Kubernetes. She is involved in the Kubernetes community via the SIG Cloud Provider and provider OpenStack as well as SIG Contributor Experience.

When she is not evangelizing about the awesomeness of OpenStack, bringing people into the community, binding open source communities together, or working to make upstream development in open source a friendlier place, she can be found reading Harry Potter, watching Doctor Who, or out on a photo taking adventure.


온라인 공개

Session detail

It all started with OpenStack, but it’s a much larger world now.

The 4 Opens Methodology guides more open source projects every year. Hundreds, or even thousands, of people coming together from different technical backgrounds, different countries, different companies, different time zones to work on a single project together is an amazing feat packed with challenges.

It’s hard to get everyone on a level playing field, but the Four Opens model for collaboration makes this partnership easier: Open Design, Open Community, Open Development, and Open Source.

This talk will give the audience and overview of what the 4 Opens look like in practice and how they can make your open source project more successful.